Moving on from a lost friendship.


At the end of 2016, I realized that friendships can end at any time and sometimes, with little explanation as to why. No matter how hard I try to make it work but if the other side gives up on it, then there’s nothing worth saving.

Friend: I need some space

I hate the word ‘space’. ugh.
I hate the sentence ‘give me some space’… it leaves me wondering because I don’t know how long and when should I try to lessen the gap of the ‘space’. I’ve always thought ‘talking things out’ is one of the best way to solve a conflict but alas, people can change? Losing a friend is not something that I want to experience often.

I love my little set of friends. I appreciate them and who they are – inside and out. So, 2016 wasn’t so bad after all…


How about you? I hope you and your friends cherish each other even more in 2017. I hope your friendships bloom like flowers.


Took me a while to realize.

I’ve never known how to be happy with just me.

  1. I’ve always thought that I need someone, a man, to make me feel happy. I believe that being in a relationship will make me feel a million times happier because there’s someone to love me back and accept my flaws. No, I don’t jump into relationships to find that happiness. I’m the kind of girl to pour my heart and soul to someone. It worked for a while, we made it work but things changed. I lost the happiness I was clinging onto. I felt lost. I don’t know how to be genuinely happy for a while. It took me months and countless of sad love songs for me to realize that I’m wasting my time moping around over the lost of someone. Even though, the feelings for him still lingers at the back of my mind, I realized that I can be happy on my own.
  2. I always feel happy when someone compliments me. I need that kind of reassurance to make me feel that I’m doing something right. Thus, I do things in my family in hopes of them appreciating me and complimenting me. It doesn’t always work. I can do all the good things but they’ll never realize how much I needed their appreciation. It’s frustrating but hey, they’re my family and I love them. Lately, I realize that it’s not impossible to be happy without getting any compliments from them.

Now, I realize that happiness comes within me. It took a while to find it but now that I do, I will lock it in my heart. No one can take my happiness away when I’ve come so far. I won’t let them.


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