Say no to body shaming

First of all, I’m a plus-sized girl. Second, my confidence level is always on a roller-coaster ride. One moment, I can feel like I’m the most confident person in the world and the next moment, I would feel so fat and I’m not good enough for anything.

However, that’s just me. I’m trying to push through those insecurities that eat me up from the inside. I have skinny friends and I love them. Yes, I do feel inadequate – in terms of weight and look – when I’m around them but that does not give me the right to skinny-shame them. As a matter of fact, no one owns the right to body-shame someone, regardless of who you are. Sadly, it has become a trend these days.

Someone is not happy / jealous about the way others look, BODY-SHAME THEM!


Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. Stop pressuring girls and boys to achieve that ‘perfect’ body just so they could feel normal. They are normal! Those who comes in different shapes and sizes are normal! If you have a perfectly functioning body parts, then you are normal. If you’re plus-sized, then you are normal. If you’re skinny, then you are normal. To me, being normal means your body is functioning well as it should be.

You’ll never know what others feel like when they are body-shame. Don’t fat-shame or skinny-shame others. Nothing good will come out of it.

Instead of body shaming others, it’s best to look at a mirror and starts noticing your own body and try to love it. Throw away negative judgements in your mind and look into the mirror in a positive way. It won’t be easy but you have to start somewhere.

I’ve been doing this and it’s a slow journey but I will get to the point where I will be so comfortable in my own skin and my confidence will rise up to the roof.



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