I write stories (short stories & etc) and mostly, they are fiction. As crazy as it sounds, I imagine a lot, hence, why I love writing fictions. My imaginations need to find a way out from my cramped brain and writing fiction is the only way I know how.

However, I have one problem. I have a lot of unfinished stories waiting for me to open them again. Just patiently waiting in my ‘rabble dabble’ folder. It’s frustrating.

Although they were born from my imaginations, I still get writers block. I contemplate so many things as I try write a damn good story. A I write, the characters come alive, so real in my head and they put their two cents in. I’m not crazy, I swear. I could close my eyes and they’ll speak to me, telling me what they want to do and how they should do it. It’s even worse when I’m writing a story with many chapters. Usually, those type of stories ends up being one-shot stories (or short stories).

Another thing, writers block is not the only reason that contributes to me unable to finish a story. The pressure of writing a good one in order to impress others is also one of the matter. I write for everyone to read, thus, HUGE PRESSURE. I want them to love it, to go crazy for it, to cry, to smile, to laugh….to feel so many emotions just by reading my story. sigh. If no one can feel any emotion while reading it, then I feel like I’ve failed them.

Still, even with so many unfinished stories in my secret vault, I do start new ones and they all suffer the same fate. I guess, I’ll read them back and hope that the ideas come rushing in like waterfall.

If you’re currently writing stories, I hope you’ll be able to finish them. 

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