Lipstick is my weakness.


This is so true, at least to me. I’d found myself putting on lipstick whenever I’m having a bad day. I also put it on when I’m bored at home.

I just want to feel pretty even at home. Lipstick makes me feel pretty. I’m not a beauty blogger/make up enthusiast but I’m honestly crazy for lipstick. I can be lost by watching videos of lip swatching on Instagram.I can never resist NOT to walk into any drugstore / make up store just to look at them. I’m a fresh graduate (right now) with no income, so, I can’t really afford to spend money on them but wouldn’t it be amazing if someone (psst make up company/ make up seller) to send me some so I can review it. (lol. okay, I’m not famous so I might not get any).

Imagine, that you were only given 20 bucks to change the way you look… I SAY, buy a lipstick! There are so many shades that can change how someone’s look. Different shades can represent many looks. Experiment with it.

Just lipstick!

My dream: Owning HUNDREDS of lipstick, lip cream or whatever that put on some colors on to my lips. Lately, I found myself looking at a lot of lip tints. (hmm)


I personally believe that a girl can never have enough lipsticks. If you found amazing shades, BUY IT.



(PSSSSSSST! Bright red lipstick always have a way of making you look classy. At least, that’s what I think.)

Do you like lipstick?


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